thesis statement


  1. Wow this was very powerful. I am spending so much time looking @ all the negative that exist on my campus that I have been missing the growth among my students& children. Thnx Bry

  2. Happy to hear my road dog so eloquently engulf the epiphany and, share th4living moment. Lord bless you.

  3. Bryan those are encouraging words that I sometimes forget. Planting the seed is always happening and the first step to creating growth in a student.

  4. Good stuff B! Keep up the great work and ideas you have. I hope the conversation went well today!

  5. Share your goodness with others!
    This was one of my many saying to my classes for a couple years.
    Even had a poster made by some students that’s says exactly that!
    Need to remember this saying always.

  6. I remember your first day at Lane. I hope I was of some support at that time. I do remember our planning sessions for CAT testing and other lessons we collaborated on. You became my 1st ‘work’ hubby because we worked so well together, in my opinion & you became family!!! To this day I still refer to you and how great of a teacher you became. We all have trial and error in the classroom. We learn what works and what doesn’t usually from our students telling us or bombing on that exam we just knew they would pass. Thank you for sharing this and that pic of you & Barton with our kids!! Love you, Bryan!! Always!! Shannah

    • You were a huge support to me. The lessons I learned from you about how to connect with learners & how to teach English I still use to this day. I remember partnering up to facilitate a boot camp one year. We work seamlessly together. I miss having you next door. Much love, Shannah!

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