Our Words Create Clarity

Our words create clarity.

Us seeking to make our words more precise and accurate, creates clarity in mind and in practice. Because this is the case, we ought to do our best to verbalize, in written or oral form, the practices we use. When we verbalize our own practices, we gain accuracy; we gain precision of practice. When we gain precision of practice, this is good for learners because it will clarify the outcomes we as leading learners seek for them. It will help them to clarify the outcomes we hope they will develop for themselves.

If we don’t clarify, if we don’t use language, our own language, for the practices we put into place, the chances are higher that the learner has a more confused, fuzzy understanding of what we are attempting to do in the learning space. Therefore, it is important for you, as a leading learner, to sharpen our own practices through applying language, utilizing language to create the precision and accuracy in our practice.

When we do this, when we create language for our practice, and language that comes from us, not language that comes from inside of a book, though a book can help steer us, we will grow as teachers and our students will grow as learners.

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