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People extremely good at what they do improve the same way. Excellent work is not about talent. We learn this from the book Peak by Anders Ericsson, it’s not about talent. It’s about deliberate practice.

Peak reminds us that it intentional practice improves actions. Experts in majority of industries intentionally practice regularly. Practice sessions don’t have to be extremely long, but the practice sessions have to exist.

The book Daily Rituals by Mason Curry talk about a writer who wrote volumes of works by writing just 30 minutes a day.

The autobiography iWoz talks about how he improved his craft by just working on his craft regularly.

Prince in the book Ronin Ro wrote that bears his name, Prince, the musician, got better and better because he wrote a lot, he recorded a lot, he performed a lot. I mean, he designed his whole life around becoming a better musician.

In the book Wooden by Coach John Wooden, the great basketball coach in the 1960s, he wrote how he’d prepared every practice session on a three by five card. He would file that three by five card away for later use. But every day he would draft up, design, and practice sessions. He did that every single day, repeatedly became one of the very best that ever did it.

If you want to be really freakin’ good a something deliberately practice it every day. Do it as often as you can. It’s not exciting all the time. Sometimes it’s a drag; can be rather boring, but it’s just a matter of figuring out one thing that you do and practicing it regularly and often. Practice, practice, practice it to improve. You can’t help but to get better when you do the same thing every single days for the sake of improvement.

Now I have an instructional design that I think can address this issue. It can help you set a goal, write out a habit, track the habit, and then reflect on that habit.

Try out the instructional design improve your craft. You can get better at what you do.

Wooden teaches us that it’s not about wins and losses. It’s about you actually just taking time to work on your and improve yourself through deliberate practice. Grow beyond yourself beyond your current limitations today.

Improve of your craft through intentional or deliberate practice.

Grow beyond limits,

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