Live the Quiet Classroom Life

Live the quiet classroom life. Gift yourself with the opportunity of quietly instructing and designing instruction.

Instructors need time to think. Some assume running around and doing, doing, doing is the best approach to the task of teaching. What teaching gets done when one is always on the run? Take time to think, instructor. Turn off email must, set aside grading, tasks others desire you to complete must be gently placed in the back seat of your teaching life. Your attention must shift toward instruction and instructional design. Quiet will facilitate the depth of this process.

We have 168 hours in a week. After 49 hours spent sleeping, 7 hours spent exercising, an 40 hours of working, put ample time into developing your instructional designs. If expert status is what we desire for our instructional design life, then spend time sharpening instructional design skills. This only happen when doors are close, phones are silenced, and the instructional mind is freed by the quiet to think. With this approach to instruction focus will increase and instructional designs will soar with creativity and uniqueness. Learners will engage the learning deeply and the learning will be transformative. Lives, including your own, will shift for the better. Growth will become the normal expected outcome in your learning space.

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