No Detail is Too Small

Is there anything too small to consider when thinking about instruction and instructional design? No. There’s is no detail too small when thinking about instruction and instructional design. Every instructional design element needs attention; it deserves
attention; it screams for attention. And guess what? We give it attention.

From pre-instruction, to instruction, to even post instruction, it all needs our attention. From the silence of the study before instruction during the instructional design, to the raucous and unpredictability of the instruction itself, to the setting of the post instruction glow, the instructor’s mind is engrossed in it all, especially the details.

Instructors arrive prepared. Their preparation comes in the silence of the study. The sleeves are rolled up to the elbows to refine the flow of the curriculum. The sleeves remain at the elbows during the instruction as the instructor guides learners through the learning path. When all is done in the learning event, although letting the sleeves come back down occurs, recounting the details of the curricular sequence still sit like a weigh on the instructional designer’s mind, not to provoke sleepless night but to push the the instructor to produce the best instruction learners could receive at the hour of their tutelage.

No detail is too small,


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