Instructors Shape Their Classroom Environment

Shape In Classroom Environment

Instructors shape their own classroom environment just as a gardener shapes a garden or a potter shapes a pot. The instructor has the responsibility for shaping the learning space. Here are a few things the instructors shapes within the learning space:

  • Smells
  • Sounds
  • Structure of the desks
  • Lightning
  • How feedback is given and received
  • Content of instruction
  • Depth of instruction

Instructors shape every single detail in their learning space.

Shape Out of Classroom Environment

They must also concern themselves with shaping every detail of their lives outside the classroom. How instructors live life outside the classroom impacts the learning experience inside the classroom. We enter the classroom as whole beings so we bring every aspect of our life into the learning environment. Our whole being includes our inner and outer experiences; the mind, body, and experiences. Everything we think or do enters the learning space with us even if we try to cut ourselves off from it. We enter the classroom, just as students do, with or whole being.

Therefore, instructors who want to make deep and lasting impact will focus on instructional designs and instruction as a way of life. This is the center of our work and must be the center of our attention.

Shape your learning environment,


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