Curriculum writer, cast vision repeatedly.

As I continue to teach, I see the amazing abilities and powers of most students’ imagination. I see the things they are connected to – things they find interesting, the movies and the TV shows they watch, the music they listen to, and the sports they play. They brim with imagination.

I notice their intensity and extreme amounts of ability and skill. As a curriculum writer and teacher, my task is to help students hone specific skills for their advancement, to help them to see they can advance their lives beyond their current limits. One thing I find to be a requirement of my job as a curriculum writer is to cast bright vision of outcomes that students will see in their lives if they decide to be to master the material I deliver and skills I train them in.

My job is not simply to give instruction and and have students figure out the outcomes of what they could be by themselves. Rather my job is to guide, instruct and help students to figure out the outcomes they are likely to have if they take the learning I offer. Then they must implement the learning and refine their intellect.

I am confident they will see the outcomes I mention because of my experience with the material, mindsets, and skills and my study of how the same materials, mindsets, and skill impacts other. My point is it’s not just about the academics I provide; it’s also about me, the curriculum writer, functioning as a vision caster for learners so that they can see what they can become and providing an option or options on how to get there.

Cast Vision,


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