Curriculum Explainer Video

When I was a brand new teacher, I thought teaching took place when I was the one doing the bulk of the talking and instruction. Every day I sought to teach my heart out. Sometimes veteran teachers visited me and they’d say, “Hey man, you’re working way too hard. You need to share the load with your students.”

In my ignorance and arrogance with all my youthful vigor I would say to myself, “No man, I’m just gonna keep teaching my heart out because when I’m done with the day I want to exhaust myself.”

One day I did exhaust myself and my energy was was extremely slow to return. At that time I realized I needed a new approach. I was only one teacher in the room but there were 25 plus students and every student, like me, is both teacher and learner. See the foundations of growthucator.con curricular design.

After this realization, I began to develop strategies in which I would share the load of teaching with students and learning became more fruitful. When students teach one another they speak the same way, they they listened more attentively, and the learning improved. Learning improved because I learners to stop acting like I was only source of knowledge, skill, and understanding.

Finally, I developed curriculum like this one: Teaching Vocabulary Through Round Robin. This teaching allows teachers to share the load with students and create learners out of everyone because students learn and teach themselves in both small group and large group.

Please watch the Explainer Video below. If it seems like a process for teaching vocabulary please visit Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase this curriculum at:

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