5 Passion Igniting Books

In order to accomplish things one must do it without passion at times. Realistically, passion is not always there when we need it so we must do the work without it. But, here are some books that can infuse passion back into your life so you can do your work with fire in your belly.

Here are 5 books I’ve read that have helped me reignite passion. Read them and hopefully your passion will blaze once again for your work.

1. ME, INC by G. Simmons

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Choose yourself and rely on yourself for results. Your passion comes from this one choice. If you don’t choose you, who will?

2. THE $100 STARTUP by C. Guillebeau

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Evolve. Startup a business and run it solo. Acting on your own behalf provokes passion.

3. ATOMIC HABITS by J. Clear

Be clear about your vision. Shape habits that support the vision. Habits propel your vision and your passion. Small habits make big impact.

4. START WITH WHY by S. Sinek

Asking yourself “why” will clarify vision and ignite passion. Everything you do ask yourself “why.”


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Passion rests in the costs you pay to get what you want. Welcome sacrifice to live out you mission.

You can’t live with passion all day every day but there are books that will help you to regain passion if and when it ebbs.

Reignite your passion,


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