Book Review: WOODEN by John Wooden

John Wooden died in 2010 but his legacy still lives. By many accounts, Wooden was a modest, humble, and focused person who guided many UCLA basketball teams to championships, 10 championships to be exact.

Thankfully, Wooden provided us with insights on his winning mindset and practices. Here are a few of the ideas I gleaned from his book:

1. Find interest in details.

2. Detailed preparation drive you not results.

3. Results follow detailed preparations.

4. Big results happen from simplicity.

Based on Wooden’s philosophy, we spend too much time thinking about and tracking results when our main focus should be on the work we do to prepare. This shift in focus keeps our attention on the things within our control, the work we put into a task. We can’t control outcomes but we can control input. Although we can choose to envision the future we want, we can only control our own actions that are most likely to take us to our future.

Focus on preparation,


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