Exhausted of Fleshly Pleasure

I’ve ran for it

You can say I chased it

Ok, say I chased it

By day and by night I ran down pleasured

My body quivered with the want of pleasure

Pleasure teased me like a skilled lady of the night

It hounded me, it hounded like a dog by day and by night

Until I was exhausted of fleshly pleasure Until I realized the hunt for fleshly pleasure was not my road to travel

I would cease seeking pleasure by day and by night

Pleasure makes my hairs rise but there is more to live for

People to live for which will me a greater reward

A reward which will never. ever. exhaust itself like my search for fleshly pleasure.


(Read my review of the book IKIGAI. It will show three practices we should do to live a long and meaningful life).

Live for more,


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