Book Review: DARE TO LEAD by Brene Brown

I feel highly about people who live without masks, even borderline jealous. Living without a mask is rare. At least I think it is. I, I get low on myself for living with a mask. Low is putting it gently, too gently. Ok, authenticity, the ability to interact with the world with openness and peace of mind, is a virtue I down right envy when it reveals itself in another.

Brene Brown deals with my envy. She instructs leaders to tear down barriers which separate our pre-conditioned self and our masked self. Courage facilitates the connection between the two selves. Once the we reconnect these two selves shame fades. and we live shame-free.

After reading my envy melted because I realize my fix was within me. I have to allow my masked self and aboriginal self, as Ralph Waldo Emerson described it, to merge.

I thought I would get leadership tips but from this book I received a new frame of mind for life.

Live without mask,


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