Book Review: BLACK FACES in WHITE PLACES by Pinket and Robinson

I remember seeing Randall Pinket on The Apprentice many years ago. He was a steady and intelligent leader.

His stature and demeanor struck me, black and tall. He stood erect with the dignity of a king. This impressed me. At the time, I thought to myself he is like me, I’m black but not so tall. His way of being I decided to borrow.

When I arrived at work the next day, to sell eyeglasses I held myself with dignity and class, like a king.

“May I help you, sir or ma’am,” I would say as if I were Randall Pinket.

One day my coworker, Cedric, a black man, the man who barbered my hair on the day of my wedding said to me, “I want to thank you. I know you’re younger but you’ve shown me how to operate around these white customers and coworkers. Thank for the way you carry yourself.”

When he thanked me he might as well had been thanking Randall. I learned at least a bit of it from Randall. I’m not going to give him full him full credit for my way.

Anyway, he won the apprentice and moved on to business ventures of his own.

When I saw he’d written a book I knew I wanted to read it. I knew he’d share valuable insights which could fertilize and water your growth and mine, too.

The authors’ main message was that different people have different experiences in the workplace. Regardless of your experience, drive your own career. Know yourself, know your purpose, know others, and know where you’re headed. Do all this w/ excellence.

This message holds a wider application for life. Drive your own life as much as possible. This, for me, does not come naturally. Some prefer others to make life’s major decisions for them. Or don’t want to put in the effort. Drive your own career; drive your own life.



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