BookReview: ME, INC by Gene Simmons

If you’re looking for feel good book this is not the one. Gene Simmons consistently confronts the reader with his version of truth, a truth which does not always line up with the reader’s sensibilities but truths which the author says must be heeded, at least some of them. His honesty challenges the reader to make changes in life which will make for better business. He he does not interest himself in being politically correct he just wants to make the reader better business minded human.

I now know why I’m not rich. Simmons shows me. He says learn, I do. He says rely on others, I do. He says “choose you first, then everyone else,” I won’t. His reason for the idea is useful though, work as if your results rely on just you. Arrange the world around yourself so that you can Live the life which lives in your imagination.

From youth Gene Simmons began to understand the need for hard work and bread earning when he returned from making money and impressed his mom. As a young man he saw his mom‘s reaction to his efforts and wanted to continue to provide for his mom just as he had done and that one occasion.

This is Gene Simmons’ Bible for life and business practice. He lives by this code and speaks does Code with boldness and blackness. The boldness and blackness comes because he’s mastered the principles of this book to allow himself to be independent enough to say what he wants how he wants to say it. Period

Although this is a concept I reject from the book much of what he says be besides this point is is worth reflecting upon.

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