BookReview: SIDDHARTHA by Herman Hesse

A man leaves his parents home in search for enlightenment. He lives as an ascetic, businessman, & servant. Every step of his life he transformed himself into new people. His view on life: live not by teachings. Live at one w/ OM.

The world is constantly changing into different things. People are constantly changing into different things. Change is One of the few things we can count on. But Siddhartha teaches although change takes place, although we take upon various identities throughout our lives, although we are constantly transforming, we can lean upon the universal principle as a rock for our existence.

With the constant changes which occur around me I find myself ever in need of something stable and secure. Siddhartha teaches the OM is stable and secure. 

I don’t know who the Om is but I do know I have a need in my heart for something more than this ever-changing world can offer. The idea the experience of a universal presence softens my heart and soothes my soul.

Live as one,


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