Book Review: JUST AS I AM by Cicely Tyson

This autobiography is written by one of the most elegant people who ever lived. Cicely Tyson shows elegance with her words describing her refinement and progress.

Personal Relationship

An actor who endured color and gender barriers, one of the most shocking parts of her life was her involvement with the musician Miles Davis. This was an unexpected relationship for me because Miles Davis, to me, at least on the surface, was the opposite of who Cicely Tyson. But, upon closer examination they shared much in common especially in their pursuit of excellence in their craft, Miles as a musician and Cicely as an actor.

One revelation we see from this relationship is how much she could nurture a significant other. With elegance and grace she dampened the wild nature of Miles Davis but still provided space for him to be himself.

The lesson which most impressed me about her life was her doggedness to know herself which lead her to make decisions with “immutable assurance.” To know oneself one must view and hold self with dignity. Once an we hold ourselves in a dignified way we make decisions with clarity and definiteness. Due to how we hold ourself, others will follow suit, they will treat us w/ dignity.


Live with dignity,


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