BookReview 21: THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu

Some books endure. THE ART OF WAR is one of them. I’ve heard people talk about this text since I was in college decades ago. I still hear people in high school talk about this book. It is a book worth reading if only because so many people still read it.

So I decided to read it for a second time. There is nothing special about Sun Tzu’s writing style, it’s plain, direct, and straight forward. Though the style did not jump off the page the ideas do.

The main idea in this timeless book was: Understand your work and everyone involved. Understanding comes by watching and listening. Watch and listen to everything and everyone closely. Draw conclusions about your observations and when it’s time to take action move “like a thunderbolt.”

One’s aptitude for observation and willingness to act accounts a great deal to one’s success. If one is willing to act, first look at what’s occurring around you and move based upon the data from observation.

Observe then strike,


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