Book Review: WINNIE-the-POOH by AA Milne

Sometimes I read things that are heavy and serious then I start feeling like I haven’t even dawned a smile or told a joke for far too many moons. To dampen my serious mood I enjoy a light book but still read it to find it’s life lesson.

WINNIE-the-POOH touches on the wonder living in our imagination and lifted my mood like a helium filled balloon. Milne uses fun tales about Pooh and friends with unique characters to lodge joy in our minds as much as narrative could.

Like Pooh and his friends, uniqueness of character and personality make us memorable. At times, we keep our quirks under a lamp shade muting the shining light we radiate. Each of us is unique in mind and body so our uniqueness deserves to see the light of day.

Thank God for tales like this which can lift our imaginations and brighten our moods.

Embrace uniqueness,

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