Book Review: I WORK LIKE A GARDENER by Miro

The cover to the book MIRO: I Work Like a Gardener

Book Cover

One glance at the cover of the book, as you can see in the image above, captured my attention. The color is yellow, bright yellow. The title just has one word “Miro” which I have never seen and aroused my curiosity. I did not know if it was a name or a way of being like the book IKIGAI which had a strange name which drew me to it. When my wife was sick with cancer we decided to cultivate a garden so I’ve seen with my own eyes and felt with my own experience the good that comes from gardening (History of Growthucator) This book presented itself to me as a must read.


The message conveyed in this thin book was simple: Link yourself self with your work. Work lives as an expression of our being. Our emotions and our entire being finds life through our work. Let our work reflect our deepest truths.

Although our work is meaningful, however, I would suggest you not merely identify yourself with what you do. I teach so I function as a teacher for a time. One day I’ll no longer be a teacher. What I do is not who I am. This can go along with anyone’s work. We all must one day call it quits on that work we do. Our work gives us meaning and purpose but it does not define us ultimately. Our work expresses our being but does not in the final deduction define our being.

For an interesting and practical discussion on this Serena Williams’ discussion about her retirement from tennis and evolution into family life and business:

Let your work express your being,

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