Book Review: KNOW YOUR POWER by Nancy Pelosi

She’s been in the news quite a bit lately for paying a political visit to Taiwan. As most politicians, Nancy Pelosi is a divisive figure.

Just take a look at some Tweets from one of her supporters:

And one of her detractors:

She was as used to this as McDondald’s is to selling burgers. She grew up as a child of powerful politicians and saw how powerful people use power from a young age. Being around powerful, popular, and divisive figures was common for her like a Sunday drive.

An exemplary disruptor (this might be one of her super powers), Pelosi details her path to power. She provides wisdom on how we can pave our own path to power. How? Her final line says it all:

“Know your power if you do then others will know it too.”

Nancy Pelosi


Many things have been said about knowing or knowledge. In the early 1900s Dewey wrote about knowledge and it’s attainment in the book HOW WE THINK. Long ago someone once said knowledge is power; also far away on the track of time Confucius once said, “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”; Marcus Garvey once said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”; Growthucator says, “Know thyself; grow thyself.” Like each of these quotes, the knowledge Pelosi writes about is not a book knowledge; it is a knowledge gained through experience.


She gives us a condition. If you can experience the power you possess then the second part of this will take place. She has seen people live this way and had certain results and she has lived this way and had certain results, she hypothesizes that once you live with this knowledge results will follow to you just as they’d flooded her life and the lives of those who’d gone before her.

Other’s Knowledge

She continues on to tell us that once you do understand your power, once you experience your power others will see that you know your power and treat you as one with power. Others treat you how you treat yourself. When you walk with your head high and your our chest out exuding power which comes from within others will have very few choices but to treat you with the power you sense for yourself.


What does Pelosi mean by the term “power?” Pelosi means one’s own ability to determine their own future and their ability to help others determine their own future and destiny. As a mother, sister, daughter, etc. and politician, she defines power in personal and political terms. Power is one’s own ability to influence one’s own self and their surroundings based upon the vision one has held in their mind. This kind of power each of us currently possess. Based upon Pelosi‘s now is the time for us to know our power live with our power so that others understand we are empowered beings and must be treated as such. Royalty knows their power and others fall in alignment; if they do it for kings and queens they should also do it with you.

This book is worth reading whether or not you like her politics.

Know your power,


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