As a teacher one of the most common things I hear students say is: “I’m bored.” Far too often students enter the classroom Expecting excitement or amusement that rivals their beloved YouTube influencers. There is no way I as a teacher can compete with the level of entertainment they get from screens. But one thing I can do is teach end create an environment where learning engages.

This essay shows that I can teach in a way that can engage my students on a deeper level. The deeper level I can engage them on is the desire. I can teach in ways which can call my students to become thirsty and hungry for learning.

This author argues that historically teachers have been aware of Eros Eros in the learning spaceThis author argues that historically teachers have been aware of eros in the learning space. Eros is commonly understood as a sexual desire for according to the author that is a narrow way of seeing the term.

Eros is a general desire not just sexual. Teachers need ethical & moral eros for learners to awaken eros in their learners so learners would eros their learning.

The other didn’t give too many ways to facilitate eros in the classroom, but I will list a few ideas as I conclude this post:

  • Give students choice or options in their learning. Give three writing prompts and allow students to respond to the prompt of their choice.
  • Create a lesson or unit together with students. Requires patience and skill but can be done.
  • Allow students time to play games.
  • Allow students opportunity to teach their peers.

Finally, students should not be expected to show desire for learning if the instructor does not show desire for learning. The desire to learn most importantly must be displayed by the instructor. When desire for learning is present, learning is given the fuel to burn brightly.

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