Research Review 1: CRITICAL LITERACY AS A WAY OF BEING AND DOING by VM Vasquez et al

Critical literary sees all of life as literature. This critical approach moves beyond the classroom into life asking people to question and challenge power structures.

One can see anything as a text. For example, a plastic water bottle can be a text. How might we be critical of it? We ask the questions:

  • How does the creation of this bottle impact our planet?
  • How do the materials used in this bottle impact human health?
  • Who gains from the selling of this bottle?
  • How do I play a role in the good or ills from the presence of this bottle on this planet?

This is an example of how this type of critical approach works on something as simple as a water bottle. But any thing can be questioned in this approach as a means to critique power structures.

Power is pervasively present. Our reading should help us to challenge power structures tearing down the ones that exemplify oppression and abuse while building and or strengthening the ones that practice empowerment of the poor and disenfranchised.

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Challenge power through reading,


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