The Poet Paul Laurence Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar, a son of an enslaved woman, was an American author who was born at the end of the 1800s.

While young his interests was in writing and he showed promise in writing as high school student taking leadership in literature based organizations.

Once he was graduated he had to change his course because he wanted to be a writer but publications did not publish works of African-American authors so he worked as a bellman.

As a bellman he found ways to take time to write poetry and novels and even some literary criticism.

There were many unfair things about his situation. He shouldn’t have had to work as a bell person when he had skill as a writer. Sure writer work odd jobs but he had to work an odd job because he was barred from publishing because of his skin color.

He wasted no opportunities, however, he had to figure out ways to live out his dreams and though like one of his poems read he may have failed many times he still found a way to not care about that failure and look toward his dream as if he was looking forward to the sun breaking through the clouds during a storm.

He was sure to not waste his life away but he found a way to create meaning in beauty through his pain. In times when people try to lesson or diminish him as a human he, like a good human does, found a way out of no way. The human experience for some is honing the ability to do things even though the world blocks their effort a every turn.



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