Book Review 97: HOW TO SURVIVE AMERICA by D.L. Hugh

After reading Tom Segura’s I’D LIKE TO PLAY ALONE PLEASE, I decided to find another book written by a comedian. This one floated to the surface of my awareness. So I decided to read it.

DL Hughly writes a surprisingly well researched and humorous book about American History from a black person’s perspective and focuses in on the time period around COVID. I say it was surprisingly well researched because I expected Huguely to write a strictly humorous book being a comedian but in fact the opposite is true of his book. This book is a polemic designed to teach people about how Black people have been and still are treated in the United States of America. It’s hard to argue against most of his claims because of the thoroughness of his research.

Most of his attention is directed toward African-Americans reality in the justice system, health system, housing employment, and politics. Huguely argues that black people are too often blamed for their conditions and too often forced into their position. Black people have had an entire society designed to keep them subservient and second class. Where black people have opportunity, just like any other people group, they thrive.

Give people an opportunity and access to resources and they thrive regardless of race or ethnicity. Some people choose to ingore this fact.


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