Short Story Review 2: THE TELL-TALE HEART by E. A. Poe


A young man who might be a servant lives with an older gentleman who has an eye which brings sleepless agitation to the young man. For nights the young man lives in agony over the old man’s eye. Finally, with all restraint lost the young man enters the old man’s chamber and murders him causing a loud shriek. The old man is buried in the floor of one of the rooms of the dwelling. At midnight, due to a noise complaint, police come to check on the complaint. The young man plays it cool until his conscience gets the best of him and he snitches on himself.


Poe writes this tale with great pace and tension. The tale’s pace and eerie tone forces the reader to have an emotional response regardless of how often one has read it. Poe is a master at this type of writing; there is nobody whom I read who does it like Poe a true OG.


The main character narrates the tale and is so convincing. He tries to persuade the audience to believe he is not mad but with each attempt reveals his madness. If we try too hard to be someone we are not, people can see that we are who we don’t want them to think we are. Viola Davis shows the lengthy process some must endure to finding self. This character certainly hadn’t endured this process. He tried to convince the reader who he was rather than settling for himself who he was.

This tale is a worthy read. It’s unlike any other and it holds interest even after the reading ends.





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