Book Review 95: I’D LIKE TO PLAY ALONE PLEASE: by T. Segura

What a ride this book is. There’s humor. There’s narrative. But there’s no central idea you can trace throughout the narrative from start to finish. There’s a special he wanted major networks to produce but they declined because it lacked a central theme. The same could be said about this book. There’s no central thread of an idea you can trace through it all, if there is one, Segura didn’t seem to intentionally craft one in. So the reader must be find it.

Although there was no unifying theme discernible in Segura‘s writing, humor leapt from every tale. In Segura’s pseudo chronological memoir he discusses topics like family, career, and meeting celebrities particularly black celebrities – he had a fascination for black artists, musicians especially.

After he finished most stories he tied them together with a life lesson. One of the life lessons which sticks: allow ourselves to dream and become lofty beyond our imagination.

Segura broke many rules in this book but the book works. Some of these memoirs I read really do show the need for people to do things in ways which work for them. Doing things in ways that work for the individual helps the individual to craft a more authentic and unique creation.


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