Poem: Sweet Treats

A man had a dream one night which woke him from his sleep.

While walking through the mall, a restaurant worker stepped out where the passers pass by to asked, “Care for a sweet treat?”

“No, thank you,” he responded in a high pitched polite tone.

The worker hoisted his sweet treats aside. From the top level of the mall, the worker grabbed the man with one hand behind the neck and one hand at the seat of his pants to throw the man off the top level. His rage revved him up so high he want to kill.

The man who went to the mall to pick up shoes was now in the fight of his life. He broke from the workers grip just as his stomach struck the rail.

He woke in a sweat. Lying on his back, he starred at the dark ceiling with one knee up swaying back and forth rubbing his eyes. What sense does this dream make?” he thought to himself.

Use the manners your mothers taught you. But, people come at us mostly in nonviolent ways yet definitely as opponents who wish to see our demise (at least sometimes). Fight back. Maintain your principles, but you fight back. Use tenderness and compassion if it pleases you, but damn it, fight back.

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