Book Review 91: TAKING THE ARROW OUT OF THE HEART by A. Walker

Sweet people are everywhere!

— Alice Walker

Rarely do I mosey anywhere, but if I were new to the earth, I damn well may choose to mosey. In fact, I just might choose to mosey into a location where people gather, say like, I don’t know, the mall or a church. I’d likely not have an idea of what the purpose the gatherings would be unless I read this book.

Alice Walker pours purpose for humanity and life on earth into this collection of poems. She reminds us to seek justice and be good to the earth and humanity.

She writes poems to pillars of culture who’ve died like Muhammad Ali, Hugo Chavez, and MLK Jr. This type of poetry was new to me so it refreshed my soul. I never really considered this as a type of poetry to write but after reading this, readers of this blog, I hope to write a few poems of this type in the future.

The most earthy and humane poem of the all is titled “Sweet People.” This is a sincerely sweet poem. She takes a trip around the world naming nations and recognizing their good people in those nations. She courageously calls out sweet people in nations which we nationally or internationally demonize. In one of her last stanzas the climax hits when she sings out an absolute truth for the ages to lodge into their soul:

Sweet people are everywhere!

— Alice Walker

These are the types of poems I’d gladly mosey into.


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