Book Review 61: Matilda by R. Dahl

R. Dahl’s MATILDA: My Take

A smart 5 yr old, Matilda, is hated by her mom & dad but helped by a librarian and teacher. They teach her despite her neglectful home life.

Over my days of teaching, I’ve seen parents mistreat their children. I’ve seen adults beat children down psychologically so much the child develops a hatred for themselves and for others. In parent conferences, I’ve seen parents’ eyes look to their child with hate because I’ve paid their child a complement.

We, teachers, must seek to see good in all our learners & support them. The belief and work with learners can spark miracles.

Matilda made much of herself with the tenderness and attentiveness of a teacher just as our students can and will flourish because our tender and attentive touch.

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