growthTALK: Change Things Up

Change things up in the learn space. If you don’t people get used to things. When people get used to things things they get stagnant like a pond or a body of water with no current it just stays there and festers. If you don’t change things up, boredom sets in, people lose desire to learn and when people lose desire to learn there is no learning space.

I’m not saying that routine is not important, routine is important because it helps people to know what to expect and helps people to understand what will happen in the space day after day but when there’s variety I think people see new perspective you are more open to see new ways of learning make new connections see how relationships can be established in different ways there’s a lot of similarities between variety and routine because when you have variety and you want that to be at the forefront of what you do You set expectations just like you would for routine you have to precise to plan precisely just like you would routine. You build and variety is something that people become familiar with just like you would routine.

so when would you start having more variety? I say have more variety now. Even before you know what all the outcomes would be change something up. Change something up now and if now was a little bit too intimidating for you then set a time in the future for you to change things up and then work out the details and change this up.

What are some things you could change up? Things that you can change up really quickly is the seating that you have for people seat. Change the structure of your classroom. Change the place where people sit. Change the design of the classroom in terms of the seats. If your seats are in rows do circles, if your seats are in groups of three do pairs or fours. Change the learning approach by changing the order in which learning happens. Change something up. When you change things growth happens.

Check out my poem titled “Change.”


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