Keep Workin’

Keep workin’. Keep workin’. At times, times are tough. Teaching is a grueling task on many days. A tug of war takes place in every teacher’s life and heart. We have responsibilities at home, in our family, in our classroom and on and on it goes. So allow me to reiterate for clarity and emphasis, keep workin’. The responsibilities in our lives are plentiful also there are many possible goals for us to accomplish which can cause our focus to drift. For us we put our attention on unit and lesson design and implementation, instruction, and inspiration. So in order to do this we must keep workin’. We work to develop ideas that are as masterful as we can make them. We must keep workin’. If we do keep workin’, we know that we will improve in by improving our practice we will make impact in peoples lives. So our message to ourselves and to you with the reign of distractions falling upon us in this life is to keep workin’.

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