Keep Workin’

Keep working. Keep working. Let me say it a third time for emphasis, keep working. Life is hard for all of us. I want to speak eyeball to eyeball with Teachers. Teaching is grinding work. On many days the rewards of work allude us plus teachers lives have a tug of war. There are family and home responsibilities, responsibilities inside and outside the classroom. The list goes on and on with the multitude of pressures that tug at our attention.

Challenges, obstacles, and distractions abound in our work. Those things which tug are mostly beyond our control. All these things we can put our focus on, yet we make a different choice. What we choose to focus on we have in the clutch of our control: our work.

Growthucator Puts our attention on curriculum design, instruction and inspiration. So we want to keep working so we can develop classrooms nourished and water for growth.

If we keep working, we will improve our practice. By improving our practice we will make impact on people’s lives. So a message in the midst of our lives’ myriad of tugs of war is: keep working.

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