The Teacher’s Study

The teacher’s study is the most significant way teachers can use their time. The teacher’s time, effort, and energy spent sitting with content is priority. Teachers must construct, design, formulate, generate curriculum that connects with learners lives and brings out the very best in learners. Our curriculum must help learners gain knowledge understandings, skills, helping them to critically think about the world in a variety of different ways, reflect, give feedback for their own learning experience.

This is the most effective use of the instructor’s time. There are so many things which tug at classroom teacher’s attention. But, this work takes time.

Any classroom teacher knows there are tons of different assignments, tasks, grading, emails to write, programs to lead, departments to lead, and much more. So much is on the teacher’s plate to pull at teacher’s attention but the most significant way they can spend their time is sitting at the study and designing high quality, growth based, research based, classroom tested curriculum.

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