I Am a Teacher, Not Toady

I’m a teacher; not a toady
Teach comes from the Old E (nglish)
meaning to show thee, present, or point out.
I’m sharpening skills and showing out
Presenting and pointing out
I’m a teacher not a toady

Toadies worked for conjurers
eating poisonous toads
The conjurer would get in his zone
And falsely heal the toady
revealing his fake powers of healing
Acting like poison he’s able to merk
Falsely showing’ he keeps even poison from doin its work

This is how the education system works
Telling teachers to eat toads so
Show offs could show up for photo opps
Acting like they solved problems
Trying 2 steal props
Away frm teachers who were told
but refused to eat toads
Choosing to take the task of teaching; and not toady

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