Teaching at the Center

You do excellent work people will chat about you. some will say nice things and others will speak negatively. Either way it goes YOU focus on your teaching practice.

Peoples comments about you can distract you. It’s our job to teach so we need to illuminate every distraction. Things people say about you or distractions whether they’re good or bad.

You’re not been put into your position to consume others criticism or praise. Instead you received your post because you are the most suited for the task of teaching. The Learners in your care most affected by you. Notice how I write that. I write all of that in the past your voice knowing that your post got handed to you from on High. You’ve received your post reasons beyond our understanding.

Why do we take both positive and negative talk with a grain of salt?

In comparison to the task of teaching other peoples comments possess little significance. Positive and negative comments pale in comparison to the ultimate task of teaching which requires most of our focus, the ultimate attention, that is teaching.

Teaching is at the center of our work. Listen to the positive and negative comments about you, sure, use them to adjust your practice, sure. Then return to teaching. Teach exceptionally. Others will say things, but you focus on the task of teaching.

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