Show Up Prepared

Show up prepared. Most professional show up prepared. Preparation is part of professionalism. The problem with some teachers is that we enter into the teaching profession and we don’t understand or, at times, we don’t care about what it means to be a professional. We take this idea of being a professional lightly.

Recently I heard in an interview by a famous author who said writers should see their writing as being professional even if they don’t get paid for it. Well, most teachers get paid for teaching so teachers who teach and get paid for their teaching should show up as a professional.

Perhaps professional isn’t even a strong enough word because for me and many of you I’m sure you see you’re perfect teaching practice as a calling that has been given to you and some being beyond yourself has lead you into this.

How do we prepare ourselves to teach every single day we show up with learners in our learning space?

There are three things we can do in order to prepare ourselves. All of these have to do with routines. First, establish routines for the morning and evening preparation. Number two: establish daily workout routines to make sure your body is fit. Third, establish routines for when you enter your workspace and when you leave your workspace.

Show up as your very best. The only way that we could show up as her very best On a daily basis is to show up prepared.

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