Spring Break Lesson Plan With Family

Good morning, we hope you had a great Holiday. Here is a lesson idea for adults who are Spring Breaking at home with children. We can keep money in our pocket, stay safe at home, and still create memories🌆.

🌿TITLE: Family Spring Break Fun

🌿RATIONALE : Make Spring Break memorable

🌿AUDIENCE: Parents / guardian / care taker

1/ activity: create a daily schedule

📍 Example 📍:
• 9 – 10 am breakfast 🥞
• 10 – 10:15 meditation🧘🏾‍♂️
• 10:15 – 12 activity frm brainstorm 🏀🏈💃🏾
• 12-1 lunch🥗
•1-2 alone time
• 2:30-4 exercise 🚴🏾

2/ activity: brainstorm activities

⚠️ Make sure activities address social, emotional, and physical needs
⚠️ Use a whiteboard so multiple children can’t have voice

3/ activity: calendar the week’s activities 🗓
Mon – Video & board
Tues – Painting🎨
Wed – Sports day🏀🏈⚾️
Thurs – Beach 🏖
Fri – Park🏞

⚠️ you can certainly use the above calendar activities, but it would be best if you created one with your family.

4/ activity: have fun

⚠️ take lots of pictures to remember these precious short lived moments📸

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And remember to have lots of fun.

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