Content Change

First, thank you for taking time to read the words I put on this blog / website. My words emanate from the core of existence. It means a lot to me that you read my words.

This website / blog has taken many different manifestations over the years and in the future I am certain many more iterations will come.

The newest manifestation will be toward curriculum/lesson design. You may know I teach language arts so I love literature; it has my heart. I also enjoy writing, teaching, and reflecting on in its curriculum. My aim now is to do just that as the primary focus on this website. If you may have come here before for poetry or my musings on growth, I intend to continue to blog about those ideas, however, I will spend less time on that and focus more attention on designing growth based curriculum and writing about classroom instruction for stressed classroom teachers and their precious students.

Thanks for your ongoing support; let’s continue to grow together.

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