LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN – The most important tool in the garden

You are the most important tool in the garden.

Gardner’s need tools to work. If weeds have become an issue, a hoe is needed. If a seed needs planting, a shovel applies.

A gardener must upkeep her/his tools. After s/he prunes the tree s/he sharpens the shears. After clearing out the weeds s/he files the hoe. After digging a hole to plant a tree he or she cleans the shovel.

After a long day of service we must rest to sharpen our tool. After pouring ourselves out exerting energy to walk with people throughout the day we must exercise go for a walk or lift some weights in order to burn off some of the energy and angst. Keep ourselves sharp.

Although a gardener needs tools to work, s/he must ultimately see they are the most important tool. They must put themselves toward useful service and maintain the health of their mind and body.

The gardener is the most important entity in the garden because without the gardener’s help there is no garden – just wild vegetation. Therefore the gardener must care for his or herself as primary importance and care for the garden secondarily.

In the same way we observe roles like spouse, parent, child, mentor, teacher, etc. And we are only able to grow others from those rules when we take time to grow ourselves.

Take time for meditation, prayer, and reflection. If we don’t, the most important tool in the garden will become dull and of no use.

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