Be Hardheaded

A hard head makes for a soft ass, or so they say.

I say a hard head makes for sensational ass learning.

A child swung on a tree for fun. A neighbor walked by and warned the child ringing out, “ you probably shouldn’t do that because you might hurt yourself.” But, the child continued to swing on the tree. Did the child’s mom open the window and warned her child sang, “You probably shouldn’t do that because you might hurt yourself.”

Despite the many warnings the child continue to swing and swing, each time the child swung he felt like he was flying. His heart felt free and joy inexpressible effervesced from his person. Like an eagle soaring through the sky the child swung back-and-forth effortlessly.

Until one cracked branch led to another and the child fell like a brick on his back. The force of the fall threw his head back onto the concrete ground bumping it with a loud thud.

A loud shriek vroomed from his mouth like a V 12 engine roaring down the interstate freeway. The neighbor, dressed in overalls and beat up black boots, looked up shaking his head saying to himself, “I knew that was gonna happen to that kid. I told that kid so; I told that kid to be careful. That kid’ll learn a hard head makes a soft ass.”

His mother raced outside from the house with an ice pack in hand and fear in her bulging eyes. She scooped him up like a mama doggie picks up her pups. In her mind she said to herself, “I knew that was gonna happen. I told this boy so; I told him to be careful. A hard head makes a soft ass.”

Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. Experience is the best teacher and sometimes we have to go ahead and do the things that it that are in our heart to do and it might have the consequence of pain but we certainly will learn from it. No advice no counsel can ever replace us learning for ourselves the things we need to learn.

Parents, some of our children must learn for themselves. Teachers, some of our students must learn for themselves.He or she who reads this post, sometimes must learn for themselves. When we learned for ourselves the issue was not a hard head makes for a soft ass the issue is a hard head makes for sensational learning.

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