Speak friendly to yourself

Many people speak about themselves poorly. Before showing what they can or cannot do they start by noticing and expressing their limitations. I’m guilty of this at times. They say things about themselves they would never want others to say about them. Many of us struggle with the same impotent self speak.

You have friends, right? How do you speak to them? How do you speak about them? In most occasions, you probably speak in a tender tone about them a say things which reflect the best of them. You likely admire them for their beauty and / or talents noticing how their good outweighs their bad. You should do that; they’re your friends.

You’re good to others, especially your friends, but what do you say about yourself? How do you talk about yourself? Do you speak about yourself in the same way you speak about your friends?

Some of us beat ourselves up for our perceived failures and never remind ourselves of our accomplishments. Someone might say, “Yeah but you don’t know what I’ve done wrong, you don’t know how I’ve failed. I’ve messed up my life.” Then they go on to list their dreadful failures.

I know you’ve failed a time or two, we all have by you must have done something in your past which we can applaud too. Get away to a new environment and make a list of your accomplishments. If you can’t think of your accomplishments then think of what beliefs and / or behaviors you can grow yourself into.

We all have done many amazing things. We all have visions of the many things in the future we’d like to grow ourselves into.

You are beautiful and talented in some way or another. Celebrate that. This self belief which leads to friendly self speak makes the difference between growth and stagnation / regression.

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