Harness emotions

Right now, some of us feel helpless. We feel like we have little or no control over our environment. Perhaps we don’t have ultimate control over our environment but we do have the primary management over our own beliefs and behaviors.

When overwhelming emotions overtake us, how do we use those emotions to grow ourselves?

We are never in control of our environment 100%. We can influence it; we can help the environment to be more positive, constructive, or more destructive, but we are not 100% in control of our environment.

We are the primary gardener / caretaker for the internal environment. We use as much energy as we can muster to garden our internal environment. When can see our external environment with a growth lens we will look to use even dead leaves to cultivate our growth in belief and behavior.

There are five simple steps in this process which will help us to use our emotional strength and energy for the purpose of cultivating growth in beliefs and behavior.

Harness your emotion. There’s energy in them. Use the emotion to gain clarity. Also use it to fuel and sustain your next steps.


  1. Feel the emotion
  2. Write down where you’re going / what your doing /who you are
  3. Write out a plan with phases.
  4. Act
  5. Reflect

Our emotions may run high but they don’t have to run us. If we use these steps we will grow ourselves beyond bounds.

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