Where does our heart go?

When our eyes open,

When our feet hit the floor,

When our brush touches our teeth,

When our coffee passes through our lips, wakes up our tongue, and slides down our throat,

When we put one arm through one sleeeve then the other, one leg through one pant and then the other, one foot in one shoe and then the other,

When we eat our breakfast,

Where does our heart go?

Does it go to things beyond our control? Some of us wake up in the morning and our heart goes to unintended directions. On some mornings we wake up with worries on our mind about how to pay the bills, who said what in the news, who we’re going to vote for, or should we vote at all.

Where does our heart go?

Does it go to things which bring despair? At times, our hearts attach themselves to things out of our control, things that bring despair and anguish. We ruminate on ideas and images that block growth into self understanding because our eyes are clouded by today’s concerns.

Where does our heart go?

Does it go toward wayward desires? Often it seeks enjoyment and pleasures which lead to doom. We live through our own cycles of destruction over and over and over again for months, years, and decades. We pursue aims without care for those we hurt.

Where does our heart go?

Wherever it goes, may it always return to a home steadfast on the growth of beliefs and behaviors beyond bounds. Even if it is ripped apart by life and ignorant people, may our sensitive seat of tender emotion that lies deep within – closer to us than our jugular vein yet so vast hands cannot contain, be committed to the cultivation of growth beyond bounds.

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