Lovers of Justice

There’s a common story in the United States playing out right now. It has occurred repeatedly since the beginning of the nation. It goes like this: A black man is killed or harmed badly by a person in authority.

Then people demand justice. Some demand it peacefully and some demand it by force.

This story rages as we speak over the killing of yet another black man by those who’ve been charged to protect and serve.

Through all this, we must be lovers of justice. We must love and labor for justice against abuses. An injustice done to one is an injustice done to all. Lovers of justice know and understand that and they do what is in their power to do in order to seek and live with justice.

Demands for justice will not be understood by all. But just because the demands for justice are not understand the demands for justice need to continue. Tactics and strategies can be discussed but the heart behind the demand for justice is at the core of human growth.

It is only right to demand justice and hold so called leaders responsible for leading justly. While demanding justice let us make sure that we are people who exact justice when we occupy roles and positions of authority. We must call for justice when injustice occurs and we also must cultivate communities where we lead justly. We labor for people to treat us justly and we labor equally to cultivate gardens of justice in our homes and communities.

Times like this remind us of just how important justice is. When one is treated unjustly we grow our belief and our behaviors beyond the limitations of injustice by confronting justice. We do so with words and deeds. When we are in positions of power and authority we grow beyond working in that role to obtain power or causing harm especially to vulnerable groups. Always fight against justice we see and lead with justice at the forefront of our calling.

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