Make the most of your moments

We will forever remember 2020 but we will not be in 2020 forever. We have moments we remember forever but we will never be in one moment forever.

Since all challenges come and go in what ways can we make the most of this challenging moment?


Make the most of your environment. Shape your environment in a way that brings maximum growth for you and everyone in it. Make your environment a garden of growth. I have a friend who just moved into an apartment recently; the first thing the did was design the interior. He knows that our environment shapes our mood. Our environment shapes how we view ourselves in the world.

An easy way to shape your environment is to garden. Find some land and throw some seeds on it or seedlings, or go to a common garden and start cultivating a garden, or get a plastic cup put dirt in it then plant a seed.

Cultivate an environment surrounded with things you grow and things that help you grow.

Every moment

Most of us, at this time in history, are limited in where we can go, who we can see, and how far away we can stand from each other. From all these limitations seems like time should slow down but it goes as fast as any other. We should make the most of every one of these challenging moments because every one of these challenging moments is a seed for something growth. When we decide that we will make every moment an opportunities to grow bloom. Uncomfortable moments are moments when we grow most.

Stop reading this right now and think of one uncomfortable moment you can use to fertilize growth in your life.


Every core relationship we’re in, whether virtual or actual, is important to cultivate. No, not every relationship gets the same amount of our time and resources. Draw a bullseye, think of 3 core relationships and target those relationships for time and attention. I’m saying, especially in this moment in history, cultivate relationships with others in that small social circle. Cling to those people because we won’t have this time forever.

This is a challenging moment. No doubt this moment will forever change us but this moment will not be forever so make the most of it.

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