Learning to Replant and Regrow from Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is a teacher. It teaches how to grow to nourish myself and others through replanting and regrowth.

Romaine lettuce is packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s a leafy green you can use in many meals. Also, it’s easy to plant. You could buy a pack of them and end up eating, replanting, and eating over and over again.

Tending to Romaine lettuce requires a trust and belief that something can grow to provide nutrients at one moment and be able to do it again an other moments.

An important type of growth is regrowth. To grow one time is not enough for some of us if we are like Romain lettuce we are useful one time, replant, regrow, and again provide nutrients and growth to others only to repeat the cycle. Perpetual growth is possible for us. No matter where we go give us a place to grow and we will find a way.

As parents and teachers and mentors we know that we can be used up like Romain lettuce. Sometimes we feel like people are taking advantage of our nutrients and then disposing of us. But we must be like the Romain lettuce and understand that though we provide nutrients for people in one setting it is possible for us to provide nutrients for people in another setting. If you find yourself doing things in a different setting understand that you can still be yourself like the Romain lettuce is and find a place to plant yourself so that your usefulness would be maximized.

Practice cultivating the principle of replant and regrowth by purchasing Romaine lettuce.

Cut the Romain lettuce about 2 to 3 inches above its base. And make a salad out of it using as many vegetables as possible..

Plant the Romaine’s base into the dirt.

Once it has grown into a mature head of lettuce, repeat the process over and over again.

Cultivating replant and regrowth of the Romain lettuce will teach you firsthand the process necessary to replant and regrow Healthy habits, your career, and healthy learning ecosystems.

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