Like You

While on your way going about your day…

Approach a tree deeply rooted in the earth; lay eyes upon its branches and leaves. Observe branches looking like gnarled old phalanges and others like poles protruding from a street light.

Oh, my! How the tree ages with grace, like you. Not a blemish, not a crack. Full of the essence of life.

Stand next to a large tree and gulp its strong silence. Let your marrow feel its presence and its patience. So faithful to the seasons so wise, like you.

As you walk, cross crawling blades of grass which latch upon dirt burrowing its root below the earth. See how it makes a way out of none, like you?

Tip toe up to a flower to not disturb its beautiful fragrance and aesthetics. Caress its smooth petals which splay out as a canvas painted by Life’s brush. Do not miss its vibrant colors dance as vibrations onto the eye. Beautiful through and through, like you.

…While on your way going about your day remember parent, teacher, mentor you must find time to do these things for yourself because there are people in your garden who want to be LIKE YOU.

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