Two Basic Principles of Growth

Tonight I finished a conversation/podcast with some friends on an episode of “Growth Talk” (a discussion designed to grow us). Our topic centered around the idea of culture and the classroom. A few things principles stood out in my mind from our conversation. I invite you to take a look at the conversation on Facebook Live.

Oh yeah, each of these principles are obvious but they’re good reminders. From time to time I need reminders because I tend to forget the basics.

First, growth takes effort. We do not grow by wishful thinking; we grow from effort. When we take actions toward our growth, we grow. We cultivate growth like a gardener, s/he goes out to the garden and applies thoughtful action toward growing vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers. Does the gardner think s/he can do nothing and growth will happen? A gardener plants seeds and waters in order to grow the garden. For us to grow, we must act. One of my friends on the conversation talked about how he is willing to travel throughout the United States and the world in order to learn. If he wants to go learn something he’ll book a flight and go there for the sake of learning, for the sake of growth. Growth takes effort and sometimes we must do extraordinary things to grow.

Second, openness of heart and mind is essential to growth. If we are not open we will not grow. Openness to growth leads us to discovery of the world but most importantly the discovery of Self. Openness is not for the weak; being open takes strength. Your interior life will hide from if we do not open ourselves to grow. If we’re not open to new experiences of the heart, mind, and body, when it is time to replant ourselves in new places or reinvent ourselves, we will struggle.

Growth takes work and openness. For those who put in the work and are open then we will find a reward. The reward will be Self knowledge.

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