Video In My Mind

Life’s sprint slowed to a walk since March 2020. At this pace, after reflecting for hours at a time and cultivating connections with family and friends, I’ve stumbled upon a occurring video in my mind, like a man who finds loose change in a couch. The video’s of me. I am sitting, standing, the walking in the best condition I can cultivate. I’ve taken the time to make the most of each moment. The video shows me full of strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance inside and outside. I run this image in my mind often in order to water and fertilize my life. By the time we settle on a new normal, I commit to being cultivating a life ripe for harvest. I can turn that internal video into a reality.

We all have videos playing in our minds. We write the script, direct, and play the lead role. Let’s committed to stepping through the days fog and cultivating a life of harvest by the time we, as a country and world, arrive at a new normal.

Thanks to Max Bender for sharing their work on Unsplash.

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