Smell The Flowers

A reading of “Smell the Flowers”

I saw a woman close the door behind her as she exited her house. Before she walked she stretched by hinging at the hips, keeping her legs straight, and hanging her hands and arms limply toward the ground. She held the pose for about 15 counts then stood tall. In her older age, it looked like her knees required her to gingerly descend the three steps on her front porch. She descended one at a time while holding on to the rail for balance. Before long, she was at the edge of her front yard. She turned left heading southward once she got to the sidewalk. A smile suddenly shone her face only a few paces into her walk; she saw someone she knew. I looked and discovered the person she knew was a tall portly man about 20 feet away wearing a long sleeve faded black t-shirt and black basketball shorts which went down below his knees. He hinged at the hips, keeping straight legs, and smelled a flower. Before long, the lady stood side by side with the man, hinged at the hips, keeping her legs straight, and smelled the flowers. Beauty is everywhere in order to notice we must stop and smell the flowers.

Beauty is everywhere; beauty’s harvest is inside of you. You are beautiful. Go to a mirror or a lonely place and scream into your core I AM BEAUTIFUL. Scream until your thoughts and feelings produce the fruit of truth.

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